Thursday, 23 September 2010

Cattle Egret

Well it took a couple of goes but the long-staying, and often elusive, Cattle Egret is in the bag. Tried the long ride out yesterday morning but there was no sign and it got rather foggy. With the north bank road closed to through traffic it makes a lunchtime trip feasible so I headed out there today and saw it at close quarters a few minutes before it headed off in to the distance.

With Crane there and Black Terns at Ferry Meadows this morning I think it counts as a good birding day.

156 Cattle Egret

Thursday, 16 September 2010


A timely message from Chris Park at lunchtime had me tearing back to Ferry Meadows to see only my second ever Kittiwake in the PBC area.

155 Kittiwake


A glance out of the office window this morning revealed two gulls passing by. Except that one was a Herring Gull mobbing the other, which was an Osprey. A lucky break indeed and the 7th species of raptor from my office window.

154 Osprey